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72 Seconds Of Fun And Terror! Yikes!

shutterstock_149094479If you like thrills and like getting freaked out. We have a suggestion for you. There are thrill rides and then there are THRILL rides.

This is one that may just test the metal of the best of us thrill seekers. This one is aptly called “El Loco.” Maybe you have to be loco to ride this thing. USA Today reports that there is only one other like it in the United States.

So, what makes El Loco different from your typical thrill rides. There are several features that will attract all the dare devils. First, during the 72 second ride, riders will experience negative G forces. Then there are turns that seem to nullify gravity.

Is El Loco safe? Yes, and they go to great ends to ensure it stays that way. In fact, before the ride originally opened in 2014, it went through 2000 test rides. It might be better to worry about your heart and bladder rather than the equipment. LOL

Read more about this ride here.

The video below will give you some insight into what to expect when you step aboard, if you dare.


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