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5 Top Eating Places In Las Vegas 2017

It’s a new year and Las Vegas offers countless places to eat. There are so many to choose from with a range of prices from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. So, what are 5 good top places, in our opinion, to eat in Las Vegas in 2017? Let’s check these 5 choices out.

  1. If you have sweet tooth, we recommend Cinnamons. Cinammons is the place to raise your insulin levels with Guava chiffon pancakes and their much touted “OMG” treat red velvet pancakes. They offer some other delicacies like Portuguese sausage and hickory bacon. Cinammons is located at 7591 West Washington Avenue, #110 north of downtown Las Vegas.
  2. Giordano’s is another top choice. Giordano’s is a gourmet pizza place. All pizza is not the same as you will agree once you try one of these creations. says: The thick and super messy deep dish is built in layers, with a buttery crust as the foundation, toppings and then cheese. Giordano’s then covers its pizza with an airy layer of dough to help hold the toppings with a thick, rich tomato sauce.  Giordano’s is located at 3641 Las Vegas Boulevard, South.
  3. Gordon Ramsey’s Fish & Chips is a must for fish & chips fans. Gordon Ramsey is world renown for his cooking. His fish and chips will be hard to beat anywhere. One special offering is hand-cut Alaskan cod filets along with hand-cut chips. The chips come with different additions such as Jalapeno, Chipotle, or cacciatore spice. Ramsey’s new venue is located inside the Linq Promenade.
  4. A west coast favorite In-n-Out Burger, has arrived on the Strip. This outfit’s reputation has preceded them. They are known for their double-doubles, thick shakes, and crinkle fries. Check them out at 3545 Las Vegas Boulevard, #124.
  5. Paina Café is our last contender for a place in the top 5. Here diners can create their own poke recipes at a walk-up-counter. The Hawaiian based restaurant will be a favorite of many this year.  To read more picks by here.


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