vegas free
24 Jun 2016

Get Around Vegas FREE? Really!

Cabs, Uber, the Deuce, and your tired aching feet can get you around Las Vegas. These all, with the exception of your feet, cost money, sometimes a lot if you are going very far. Transportation can be a large part of a person’s budget in Sin City. But, there are

04 Jun 2016

Finding Love In Las Vegas-A Good Bet?

In Vegas, we know the house always has the edge. That’s for gambling, of course. But, what are the odds of finding love,  permanent relationships, and romance? Is finding love that difficult in America’s favorite city? Is Vegas a good bet if you are single and are ready for a relationship? Are the

29 May 2016

Vegas To Dry Up And Die?

If Las Vegas, and other areas in Nevada, run out of water, they are dead. Water is the basis for life and Las Vegas can not live or grow without it. Today, the water issue is on the top of the list of political and social controversies taking place in

06 May 2016

Very Few People Know These Vegas Facts?

Las Vegas is, in many people’s minds, is the most interesting city in the world. This belief is with good reason. Vegas was little more than a stretch of desert a hundred years ago. Since then, the miraculous  transition to a major metropolitan area, gambling Mecca, and entertainment capital has fascinated the multitudes.

26 Mar 2016

A Casino Host May Get You Big Perks

Should You Get A Host? Not everybody knows that casinos have employees called hosts. These people want to find gamblers who bet larger sums of money. They reward these people with all kinds of perks. The more they bet, the more they may receive. The very high end gamblers called

08 Mar 2016

It’s Pool Party Time!

Spring is almost here and with it comes beautiful flowers and warmer days. Vegas blooms in other ways especially with its lack of flowers,  plants and trees. After all it is the desert. In about a month Spring activities will begin to take center stage. Spring, in Vegas, heralds the

07 Mar 2016

Drive Your Dream Car-New Venue Coming

Most of us will never get to drive a Lamborghini Huracan, a Ferrari 458 Italia, or a Mercedes AMG GT-S. But, more of us will be able to drive these and other classic and exotic cars starting this April if we go to Las Vegas. It’s SpeedVegas opening this April.

21 Feb 2016

Vegas Pays Respect To This Mobster

Anyone who is the least bit aware of the Las Vegas story knows that Bugsy Siegel had his part in the Strip’s development and history. Contrary to Hollywood’s depiction, Bugsy was not the visionary for the Strip. His Flamingo Hotel, that still stands and thrives today, was not the first one

17 Feb 2016

5,000 People Move To Vegas Each Month

Is Las Vegas booming? You bet it is. This city’s growth rate is astounding. 5,000 people per month pick up stakes and nail them back down in Clark County, Nevada.  We have to remember that Las Vegas is much more than just the Strip or Downtown.  Maybe you have thought about moving here?

17 Feb 2016

Guess Where They Put The Berlin Wall?

There are replicas of famous and historic places in Las Vegas. There are the Eiffel Tower at the Paris and the canals of Venice at the Venetian to name two. But, there is one place where you can find the real deal. And, it’s hidden away in a men’s bathroom downtown. November 9, 1989 was