24 Apr 2016

On The Strip-They Said What?

Who would deny that the Strip is absolutely the best people watching place in the world? Here you can see almost anything, things both legal and illegal, both moral and immoral. As you walk, you will see the funny, the weird, and the tragic. It’s all here, like it or

25 Mar 2016

The Real Strip Visionaries (Part Two)

Hopefully, you read yesterday’s post, part one, of “The Real Strip Visionaries.” If not, you can read it here. The visionary that everyone does know about is Steve Wynn. We will cover his accomplishments at a later time. Today, we will talk about the second Strip visionary in our series, a little known

24 Mar 2016

The Real Strip Visionaries (Part One)

This is fascinating. Very few people, even Vegas regulars and residents know who the real Strip visionaries really were. We will talk about two of them. One today and one tomorrow. If you love Vegas history and want to know more than 99% of other people, read on. As we