27 Jul 2016

Lights Tell Vegas Story (Video)

Lights tell a story, the story of Las Vegas. We want to talk about some of the very special lights of Las Vegas. Each has a story to tell, some history to immortalize. We love Las Vegas History as do so many of our readers. There are dozens and dozens of

24 Mar 2016

The Real Strip Visionaries (Part One)

This is fascinating. Very few people, even Vegas regulars and residents know who the real Strip visionaries really were. We will talk about two of them. One today and one tomorrow. If you love Vegas history and want to know more than 99% of other people, read on. As we

21 Feb 2016

The Miracle In The Desert

The fact that Las Vegas has become what it has become in 2016 with a population of over two million residents is just short of a true miracle. Today, this oasis will receive over 42 million visitors, people who will come for all kinds of reasons. Las Vegas is now in the top ten of

17 Feb 2016

Guess Where They Put The Berlin Wall?

There are replicas of famous and historic places in Las Vegas. There are the Eiffel Tower at the Paris and the canals of Venice at the Venetian to name two. But, there is one place where you can find the real deal. And, it’s hidden away in a men’s bathroom downtown. November 9, 1989 was