30 Apr 2016

Weird, Fun, Interesting Facts About Las Vegas

We know that there are weird, fun, and interesting people in Las Vegas. If you have doubts, just walk the Strip. Las Vegas is the best people watching city in the world. There are also many weird, fun, and interesting facts about Las Vegas, most of which the average visitor would

22 Feb 2016

South Strip To Get “Extreme Park”

There are parks and there are “extreme parks.” An extreme park is different from regular amusement parks in that it offers some experiences that many would label as extreme. This, of course, translates to extreme fun. The Extreme Park is what should open on the south part of the Strip within the next year.

18 Feb 2016

How About Dinner In The Sky?

Ok, we all know there are a lot of “unusual” things that you can do while in Las Vegas. You can brave the “Sky Jump” experience off the top of the Stratosphere Tower or ride a zip line from one part of the Rio to the other. But, there is something