Savings Tips-Keep More Of Your Money

piggy-bank-1239661-1280x1280Those who love Vegas and go there know that if you don’t learn about the deals and ways to stay in budget one’s stress can rise quickly. There can be too much time at the end of the money too.

We will help alert you to some of the best opportunities to seize upon a discount or special offer. We will help you save more money to invest in FUN!!!

As a general rule, which applies all year long, there are certain hotels that will in most cases be a best bargain. The hotel & casinos listed below are all at least 3-Star properties and offer clean, safe, accommodations.

Here is the list of some of the hotels to check first:

Luxor-Located on the South Strip, next door to Mandalay Bay.

Tropicana-Also on the South Strip on the corner of Tropicana and the Strip.

Flamingo-Well situated across from Caesars Palace in the middle part of the Strip.

Harrahs-Next door to Flamingo and also a good value and a great location.

Circus Circus-Located on the North end of the Strip and away from most of the Strip action.

Stratosphere-The furthermost Strip location towering 1149 feet into the sky. Just North of Sahara Ave. This location is pretty isolated and away from Strip activity and about two miles from downtown Las Vegas.

You can definitely save money by purchasing a travel package. If you combine air with hotel, you will save money. If you purchase air, hotel, and rental car, you will save even more over buying each separately. The savings can be in the triple digits.

If you don’t need air or a car, another savings trick is to call the hotel directly as opposed to booking online through a booking engine. Many times you will get a better rate by calling. Remember, those booking engines have to get a slice of the pie too. Always ask what discounts they accept such as AARP, AAA, or Military (if applicable).

In Las Vegas always ask what the “resort fee” will be. This will be added to your bill when you depart. This can be as high as $25 per day or more.

If you purchase the “Entertainment” book for Las Vegas as we have recommended before the 2016 edition does include hotel coupons. There are also coupons for restaurants, rent-a-cars, shows, and attractions. In addition there are coupons in the book and online you can use at your favorite local companies like Ace Hardware, Sears, Regal Cinemas, or Brookstone. Their website is: https://shop.entertainment.com

Below are some excellent resources to check out after you read our list of notable savings deals.








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