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Penny Pincher’s Guide To Las Vegas

Are you a penny pincher? Maybe you have to be in order to survive the high prices in Las Vegas. If so, you need to learn from the penny pincher’s guide to saving money in Vegas. It can put much more money back in your wallet or purse.

Many of us have to sweat out the financial details of our trip to Las Vegas. We try every trick in the book to get by on the proverbial “shoe string” budget. It can be done with some research and a little effort. We will help you save money. Read on and a save.

Many years ago, circa 1960s, there was a book published titled, “Europe On $5.00 Per Day.” Later, in 1977, the title was changed to reflect the inflationary times at $10 per day. Today, maybe you could get by on $75 per day in Europe.

Likewise, things have changed in Las Vegas over the years. On my first trip to Las Vegas in 1989, I could find a 99 cent breakfast. There were plenty of steak or lobster meals for $4.99 to $7.99 and some of the best shows were $15-$25. Yes, times have changed. So, how do we cheapskates cut corners and stay on a penny pincher’s budget?

The Basics

First, purchase the annual edition of the “Las Vegas Entertainment Guide.” You can find it right here. I just received my 2017 edition. This will cut your food bill way down. It also has coupons for attractions, car rentals, hotels, and more. Plus, you can find coupons that apply right where you live.

As a travel agent, I’ve learned one trick of booking a hotel. This is not a hard and fast rule, but give it a try. Once you pick a hotel, call them direct and ask for what discounts they honor. Some will honor AAA, Military, AARP, or other organizations. It never hurts to ask. Also, make sure you understand what their “resort fees” are and what services  these fees include. Be sure you know the check-in and check-out times. If you arrive early or check out late, you may be penalized.


If you want to go to one of the many fabulous Las Vegas shows, check out the vendors on the Strip and downtown who offer up to 50% off the most popular shows. Usually, you must buy the tickets the same day you go to the show. This is a penny pincher’s must to save money.

Getting Around

Check out, before you arrive, the costs of the various transportation options. If you plan to stay on the Strip, then walking is the cheapest way to get around, of course. Then, there are other options including Uber, Lyft, the Deuce Bus, Monorails, and cabs. Keep in mind that cabs charge a surcharge if you use a debit or credit card. Don’t forget tipping, too.

Free Drinks

If you gamble, be sure to take advantage of free alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks while you gamble. You can even sit at a penny slot and get all the drinks you want for free. Although this is beginning to change as Caesars is starting to monitor play. So, to get free drinks you have to gamble a certain amount. This will certainly spread to other casinos.

Saving on Travel

If you are flying in to Las Vegas be sure to bundle your travel. This means that you buy your airfare, hotel and/or car all from one source such as Expedia or Travelocity. Usually, you save a good amount doing this especially on longer trips.

Finally, if you can manage it, visit Vegas during the week instead of weekends. Hotel prices are much lower. There are certain times of the year that are better too, such as mid-December. It’s much cooler too.

For more money saving ideas, check out this article. It offers 73 ways to save. We trust the Grinch’s saving tips are a help to you on your next trip to Las Vegas. If you have found our penny pincher’s guide helpful, please share it with your friends.


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