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Enjoy the FREE Things In Vegas

shutterstock_223019848In Las Vegas, the general rule is that nothing is free, even when it is said to be free. There is usually a catch. For example, a free show will cost you 2 hours in an arm twisting timeshare presentation. But, there is good news. There really are some truly free things you can do in Las Vegas.

Here is a partial list of a few of the free things to do.

  1. 1. Ethyl M Chocolate Factory is located about 4 miles east of the Strip on Sunset Way. Here you can take a tour of the chocolate factory and get a free sample. in addition, you can tour the incredible botanical garden filled with all types of cactus. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, they string the cactus with half a million lights. It’s a sight to behold.
  2. Get a peek inside television’s Pawn Stars location, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, located at 713 S. Las Vegas Boulevard. The lines can be long so get up early and beat the crowds. You nay pay a premium for items in the shop due to the program’s notoriety, but you may get to meet one of the stars.
  3. Bellagio Fountains. They are incredible and free for the looking. There are water shows throughout the day. You can check the schedule for the water shows here.
  4. The volcano at the Mirage. Each night you can watch the spectacular eruptions of a man made volcano.
  5. Visit Hershey’s World near New York New York. Across the street there is the M&Ms store and the Coca Cola shop.

For a long detailed list of 31 free things to do go here.



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