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Discover The Best Deals In Las Vegas

bargain-453473_960_720One of our goals at Allthingsvegas.com is to help our friends discover the best deals on, well, everything possible in Las Vegas. There are still some ways to keep expenses, the necessary ones, down to a minimum. But, it does take a little effort.

If money is no object, then you won’t need the following advice, but most of us do need to save money. Let’s see what we can do to keep our budgets lean and mean.

Let’s go bargain hunting and discover the best deals. The first step in saving money is to prepare for your trip before you ever leave home. We recommend bundling as much of your travel expenses as you can. If you are driving in to Las Vegas, there isn’t much you can bundle. You just need to find a deal on a hotel.

If you are only looking for lodging check out www.trivago.com and www.hotels.com. But, we recommend before booking on booking site, call the hotel direct. Sometimes you will get a better deal. It never hurts to ask.

But, if you fly in, you can bundle your air, hotel, and car or at least air and hotel. The more you bundle, the more you will save. Some of the sites where you can bundle travel expenses are Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak.

Food is another necessary expense, but you can save with coupons that are available online, in Las Vegas newspapers on certain days, and in books like the Entertainment Book for Las Vegas that can save you on almost everything. You can buy a copy at here.  Also, you can find some real food deals at some of the off the beaten path places like Ellis Island and Skyline hotels and casinos.

If you are on a really slim budget, then find a hotel away from the Strip, preferably one that has free parking and low or no resort fees. You can find some good rates in North Las Vegas, Boulder Highway, and some places downtown, like El Cortez.

Whatever you do and wherever you go, ask what discounts are offered. You would be surprised how much can be saved just by asking. Some places honor veterans, AAA, AARP, travel agents, or seniors. I once had a hotel bill cut in half by showing one of my membership cards.

Never pay full price for a show. Go to one of the daily discount outlets found on the Strip and downtown. The only requirement is that you go to the show they day you buy the tickets.

These are simple things to do, but they can translate to $$$ in your pocket to do with as you wish. Now, that’s what it is all about.



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