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Cutting Your Food Budget In Vegas

coins-1015125_960_720Since we launched allthingsvegas.com last August, we have posted several times about saving money. As Vegas continues to become more and more expensive, we have to find ways to cut down on our personal budgets. This way we have more discretionary money for the table games, slots, shows, rides, and day trips.

Today, we will focus solely on the food side of our budget. We have to eat, right? Well, maybe not, but it’s recommended.

One way to save money is to order the Las Vegas Entertainment Book before you go. This offers hundreds of coupons and discounts on everything from food, to airlines, hotels, and things to do. You can order your 2016 copy here. I buy a copy every year.

In addition, if you are going to be in Las Vegas anytime soon, here are some current specials:

If you love pizza, try Pizza Forte at Sunset Station. This offer is a buy one, get one free and is available Monday-Thursday.

If you want to go for the big meal and big deal, El Cortez, downtown, may be your best bet. Siegel’s 1941 at the El Cortez has a “Morning, Noon, & Night” Prime Rib Special for only $10.95. This is just a tad more than many fast food establishments. The good news is that this special is available 24/7. El Cortez also has a $5.00 breakfast special.

abstract-1239145_960_720Another place to grab some food on the way to Hoover Dam is the Skyline Casino on Boulder Highway. I had one of their 99 cent breakfasts in the past. Now, they have 3 different $1.49 breakfast specials. In addition, they have a prime rib dinner for $8.95. You can get that on the way back from the dam.

One last idea is another 24/7 deal, again, downtown. This one is at Magnolia’s Veranda inside the Four Queens. It is a Ribeye Steak dinner for $15.99.

Ok, so we have hopefully helped you keep many hard earned bucks in your pocket. Now, go have fun.


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