$avings Tip


Vegas isn’t as cheap as it used to be. As recently as the 1990s you could still get rooms for $25 per night on the strip with no resort fee. You could find a good breakfast for 99 cents, a steak or lobster dinner for $5.99, and take in a great show for $15-$25.

Those days are mostly over. Vegas discovered they could make money on much more than gambling and prices have become high on many things.

One major expense in Vegas is food unless you opt for eating at McDonalds or Arby’s all the time. On a recent trip I was shocked at how much fast food was at the Luxor, for example. An average meal was $12 or more per person.

One great way to help lower your food bill as well as enjoy generous discounts on many other things, like shows, car rentals, exhibits, and much more is to purchase the current Entertainment book for Las Vegas.

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