You Walk Into A Casino-You’re Trapped!

shutterstock_248659951When a person walks into a casino they likely have two things on their mind. They want to win money and they want to find the game or device that will get them the money.

The first thing folks do is survey the casino floor. They scan back and forth looking at the layout seeking out their favorite table game or slot. Then, they try their luck. They may or may not be aware of all the psychological gimmicks at play that lure them to where casino owners want them.

What people probably don’t think about is the fact that every aspect of a casino’s design is engineered to keep them there and get their money as quick as possible. They are rigged to make you feel safe and comfortable. They make you lose any sense of time, and draw you to the gambling areas. There is a lot of psychology and science that goes into casino design.

When the Luxor first opened in April of 1993, its design was seriously flawed. As you entered the front door, the gambling floor was straight ahead but to the side was a Nile River ride. It carried passengers around the inside of the property. The ride diverted potential gamblers away from the gambling floor. So, later the casino floor was redesigned and the river ride removed.

Everything in a casino is by design. The casino’s carpets, lighting, ¬†temperature, ¬†layout, and the air are perfectly coordinated to trap its visitors. It’s subtle, but effective.

Every aspect of a casino floor is created to keep you gambling and keep you inside. For example, the carpet is usually very busy and hard to look at so you look up and out toward the games. The lighting is warm and inviting around the tables and games. Even the way the slot machines are positioned is well thought out. There are no windows or clocks either so time is hard to measure.

I remember my first time at Circus Circus years ago. I really could not find my way out and I have a great sense of direction. I had to ask for help. I also was challenged my first time at Caesars. Those who have walked the Strip remember there is a conveyor belt that will transport you from the street to the inside of Caesars. It is one-way, of course.

Casino design is fascinating and there are individuals and companies that are experts in this area. One of the best books out there is Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition by the Friedman Group. It’s 630 pages and expensive, $174.03 on Amazon.

Check out the book here here.


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