Why It Matters Where You Gamble

shutterstock_26735863First, let it be said that no matter where you gamble, when you gamble, or how much you gamble, luck will play a part in the outcome. At times a player can beat the odds, even beat them severely, but not for too long. Over time the mathematical formulas of the casino games cannot be beaten.

It should also be pointed out that if you are a low budget gambler, it probably won’t make a lot of difference where you play. A couple of hundred dollars just won’t make that much of a difference, unless, of course, you have an odds beating lucky streak or hit a quick jackpot.

Let’s talk about slots for a minute. These are the most popular games in Vegas and people, rich and poor, play these machines. My considered opinion is that most people who play slot machines are not aware of what their odds of winning are. They just pick a machine because they like it for whatever reason. Or, maybe they pick one because of the minimum bet required to play. Penny slots are the most popular right now.

Here are some facts relating to slots in Las Vegas. The minimum payback percentage by law is 75%. That is really low and gives the house a whopping 25% edge. The problem is that In any particular casino, you could have a machine paying out the minimum 75% and then have same type of machine sitting next to it next to it, pay back 99%. Machines around the casino will have various paybacks.

Payback percentages reflect how much will be paid back out of each machine over long periods of time. Therefore, some people win and others lose, but the house always wins eventually because it always has some mathematical edge on almost all machines. There are some machines at some casinos that do pay out over 100%, but who knows where they are? These high payback machines are the lures to get gamblers into the casino.

These are some numbers to consider when looking for the best slots in the Las Vegas area. The Gaming Commission categorizes the area into these groups: Boulder Strip, Downtown Las Vegas, Las Vegas Strip, North Las Vegas. Below are some payout statistics to help you decide where to plunk down your hard earned green. Notice that Boulder Strip and N. Las Vegas win in each of these categories. Plus, the higher the denomination the more generous the average payback.

1¢ Slot Machines The Strip – 88.24% Downtown – 88.72% Boulder Strip – 90.24% N. Las Vegas – 90.56%

5¢ Slot Machines The Strip – 92.00% Downtown – 92.34% Boulder Strip – 95.58% N. Las Vegas – 95.43%

25¢ Slot Machines The Strip – 91.21% Downtown – 94.67% Boulder Strip – 96.59% N. Las Vegas – 96.48%

$1 Slot Machines The Strip – 93.69% Downtown – 95.24% Boulder Strip – 95.66% N. Las Vegas – 96.12%

These statistics can be found in more detail in various publications including the American Casino Guide and and Strictly Slots magazine.

Other games are also affected by location. Off the Strip, you will find lower minimum blackjack games with better rules many times. These are found especially in downtown Las Vegas and other places away for the Strip. Also, Craps games will often have higher payouts away from the Strip. Again, it depends on your bankroll as to whether it is worth driving away from the Strip to gamble.

However you gamble, have fun and be safe.


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