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When In Vegas Turn Up The Heat And Enjoy The Snow

shutterstock_96798037There is much more to this fun city than just gambling, eating, and looking at the unique architecture. There are healthy, satisfying, and pleasurable things to do. You are on vacation, or a weekend getaway, so treat yourself to something special.

Try one of the dozens of spas that reside within many hotels on the Strip or Downtown. There are almost as many spas in Las Vegas as there are neon marquees. The spas are not cheap. But, if you can part with the money, you will be able to melt into a puddle of pleasure.

The many spa choices offer various experiences and options tailored to your wants and needs. We highly recommend trying one.

There are far too many spas in Vegas to describe here, but let me share about two of the ones that get the highest marks for excellence. As always, your budget will determine where you decide to go to indulge.

Since I personally did visit Caesar’s spa, let me begin there. This spa is called the Qua Baths and Spa. First, its size is impressive, 50,000 square feet. It sports not one, but three Roman  baths.

In addition, it has a snowing Artic Ice Room and a Laconium Room. The Artic Ice Room is cooled to 55 degrees and showers visitors with snow.  The Laconium Room is a Roman style steam bath. Beyond these novelty areas there is an extensive menu offering everything from facial and scalp treatments and massages to chakra balancing.

Their vast menu of services and prices are here.

The next spa we will look at is Sahra Spa and Hammam at the Cosmopolitan. The Cosmpolitan is one of the newer premium properties on the Strip. Their spa is a premium experience too.

The Saha Hammam  spa is patterned after the centuries-old rituals of purification. It includes steam treatments, detoxification, and a cooling bath. There is an option called The Flower Hamm experience that includes the application of eleven flower oils and fruit essences.

There is also the Hamm Soap Ritual. This experience includes what they advertise as “bubbled bliss.” Before you are done you will get a rub down with  a Turkish Kese Mitt and a Fig Butter moisturizer. There is a long list of more truly exotic services for the full body or face.

See if this is the place you would want to go.  Check it out here.

There are many more choices so regardless of where you go or stay be sure to check out the spa services.


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