What You Don’t Know About Slot Machines! What You Don’t See Is What You Get!

shutterstock_547061Are slot machines really that popular? Oh yeah! Do you know how many slot machines there are in the Las Vegas area? There are over 200,000. If you have wandered through some of the larger casinos like Venetian, Caesars, or Mandalay Bay, you would think all 200,000 were in each of these properties. Slots are lined up wall to wall. In Vegas they are also in convenience stores, pubs, and other places. Slots! Slots! Slots!

Things have drastically changed since the early Vegas days. Back then, there was a limited number of slot machines.  The table games were dominate and played mostly by the men. The slots were put in for the women.

Since, today, people of both sexes and of all legal ages play slot machines it’s important to know exactly how they work. One important thing to know is that what players see on the spinning wheels is not really what they may get.

Inside the machine is a set of “virtual wheels.” These wheels have many more blank spaces than you may see when playing. The chances of getting a winning combination is less than you might think based on what you see.

When you push the button or pull the handle, the end result is immediately determined. The spinning of the wheels is merely for your entertainment.

There is also a thing called the Random Number Generator (RNG). This device throws out thousands of number combinations a second. The program converts these number combinations into what the wheels show at the end of a pull. It is totally random. This is why people may hit several jackpots in a row or never hit one. It’s a myth that a machine is ready to hit or not hit. It’s always random. The casino can program the percentage payback. In Vegas the minimum is 75%. Some go as high as 100% or more. These paybacks are over long periods of time.

Watch this short video that will give you some more detail about how a slot works. It is produced by a slot mechanic. I’ve read his book and learned a lot about these little one-armed or push button burglars. You can too and become a better slot player.



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