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Visit The Old West, Gunfights And All Here

shutterstock_97674332People may forget that Las Vegas was the wild and wooly west when it was in its infancy. There is little resemblance between the Las Vegas of those days, and the Las Vegas of these days. However, if you know where to look, you can visit the past for a while. In less than an hour you can go from 2016 to the 1800s.

Just west of Las Vegas is Bonnie Springs Ranch. This is a replica of an old western mining town that gives visitors a realistic glimpse of what it was like back in the 1800s.

Bonne Springs Ranch was originally a stopping place for wagon trains. It was established in 1843 and was on the route of the Old Spanish Trail. It was, in fact, here, in 1846, that John C. Fremont, military cartographer and explorer stopped before continuing on through Death Valley.

Today, and since 1952, Bonnie Springs Ranch is a tourist attraction and offers something for all ages. There is a motel with rooms with fire places and Jacuzzis if you want to stay for a while. There is a restaurant, cocktail lounge, shops, and exciting shows including a live gunfight on the main street. They even have a zoo and lots of horses if you want to go riding.

Bonnie Springs Ranch is available for weddings, conventions, parties, banquets, and just about anything a group would want to do. This is a place that is decidedly different, but not far away from all the activities of Fremont Street and the Strip.

To find hours of operation , see photos, and learn more: Bonnie Springs Ranch Info

You can take a video tour of Bonnie Springs Ranch Here: Take a Video Tour


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