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Undocumented Aliens Of Another Kind Near Vegas

There are some things that will be the topic of books, videos, and movies for years to come. How about the JFK assassination or the crashed flying saucer at Roswell, New Mexico? Oh, and there is the Philadelphia Experiment. Did some of our soldiers actually travel back in time? Who knows for sure?

One other very popular topic, especially in the Vegas area, is UFOs and aliens. These aliens are also undocumented, but they are from out there-outer space. Are they real? If you want to find out there is a place just about two hours away from the Strip where you chances are much higher of seeing a UFO or meeting a visitor from outer space.

shutterstock_288909992Rachel, Nevada. Rachel is as close as you can get to Area 51 without getting arrested or shot. It is also in the center of SR 3shutterstock_9544294075, which the state of Nevada officially designated as the “Extraterrestrial Highway” in 1996.

Over the years the many reports of UFO sightings have spiked interest in the area. These reports and the many television programs about Area 51 keep curiosity seekers and serious UFOlogists coming to Rachel.

There is another attraction in Rachel. It’s called the Little A’Le’Inn. It is a place to eat, stay overnight, or buy gifts and souvenirs. If you go during the Holiday Season, you can purchase some alien Christmas stockings. They also sell hats, coffee cups, and t-shirts. How about a green alien head bank or an alien hitchhiker shot glass?

Pat, the owner of Little A’Le’Inn, has been entertaining and hosting visitors from all over the world for twenty-five years. She and the staff love meeting new people and will tell you what there is to do in the area and how to stay out of trouble. Those that trespass into Area 51 may not come back. The use of deadly force is authorized.

If you plan on visiting Rachel check out the website of Little A’Le’Inn:


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