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Traffic Nightmare This Weekend (Video)

traffic-jam-688566_960_720It happened last year and it will happen again this year. Traffic snarls, jams, and frustration among drivers will be a reality starting next Friday, June 17th and running through Sunday, June 19th. The catalyst for this projected traffic nightmare is the 2016 Electric Daisy Festival.

The Festival will be held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway located northeast of the city in North Las Vegas. According to the June 12th Las Vegas Review Journal:

The Electric Daisy Carnival will again bring high-energy dance music and a carnival atmosphere to Las Vegas Motor Speedway during a string of overnight parties this weekend. About 400,000 revelers — many of whom will drive in from Southern California — will attend.

If you want to go and don’t want to fight the traffic, there is an alternative and it will only cost you $800. Maverick Helicopter Service will offer round trip flights from McCarren Airport and the Speedway. If you just want to fly one way, it’s $500. Guess whether you fly depends on your wallet and your tolerance for crowded venues and clogged streets.

Also, according to

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is Insomniac’s flagship festival and was winner of the Best International Dance Festival award at the 2011 Ibiza DJ Awards. After a 10 year run in Los Angeles, in 2011 the festival expanded to three days, moved to Las Vegas and signed a 10 year contract at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Read the Journal’s full article here.

This event is not one of those that people on a tight budget will be able to afford. It just isn’t that kind of event. Prices are high. You have to decide if it is your cup of tea. Regardless, if you are going to be in Vegas this weekend, be ready for some bad traffic.

If you want to check on some of the prices of packages check them out here.

If you are not familiar with the Festival you will know what you need to know by watching the official 2016 trailer. It looks like an awesome time.




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