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Tour Las Vegas Topless-Huh?

shutterstock_244809991There are many options when it comes to touring Las Vegas. Seeing all the unique sights all in a few days is a goal of many first time visitors.

The problem is, it can’t be done in three or four days or even in three or four weeks. There are just too many things to see and do in Downtown Las Vegas, and on and off the Strip.

Most people will walk the Strip as long as they are able and see the sights. Others may take a cab, Uber, or ride the Deuce double-decker bus. It’s all good.

But, how would you like to tour the city topless. Catches your imagination doesn’t it? I have to tip my hat to the marketing genius of Johnny G. who founded a company called Las Vegas Topless Tours.

When I first saw his vehicle, it took me a minute for it to register what this tour company is all about. What a brilliant idea. Besides the clever marketing, when the weather is good, which is just about all the time, it’s a great way to really see the Las Vegas sights. So, on your next visit to Vegas, sign up for a topless tour. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Go topless here.




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