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Think Your Life Is A Circus? This May Give You Some Relief

shutterstock_226087540Does your life seem like a circus at times? In 2016, we all deal with high speed stress like few have experienced in past years. Our phones, tablets, computers, and friends keep us moving at break-neck speeds. By dinner time, we run out of gas. Whew, just to have a break, right?

Well, here is a suggestion that may help put your life in perspective. Actually, right on the Strip, there is a circus with a midway and circus acts.

Bet you know where. Yes, It’s Circus Circus, something to match your own lifestyle. There are arcade games for children and adults and live circus acts starting at 11am in the morning.

I remember playing video poker there when a trapeze act was taking place just above me. It was a little distraction for sure, but fun and entertaining.

Check it out here.


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