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These Mistakes Will Cost You


We don’t know if there are any statistics on how many Vegas visitors make this one big mistake. It is one mistake that can cost a visitor money, and like in my case, a good dose of misery. Read this short article and ensure you never suffer as I did.

Whenever you plan a trip to Vegas it will be to your advantage to check the convention calendar. A large convention or a group of small ones can swell hotel demand and cause prices to soar. When this happens, a room that cost $49.99 can jump to $199 or more when a convention is in town even if the convention is not at the Hotel where you want to stay.

On two occasions I made the mistake of not checking the calendar and I suffered. On one of these trips the closest affordable room was in Jean Nevada 25 miles away. It was at the Nevada Landing which is no longer there.

One of downsides of this property was that they used what seemed like 25 watt bulbs in my room. It was like walking into a cave. I guess they wanted me to go to the lighted areas, like the casino. LOL

On another trip, I made the same mistake and ended up at the Days Inn on Koval behind the Paris. It was condemned and closed shortly after my stay. That the casino was closed should have been a clue. When water came down through the ceiling, I evicted myself and fled. Fortunately, I did find a room at Samstown on Boulder Highway. It least this fiasco ended well.

Learn from my mistakes. Check the convention calendar and save money and prevent some bad experiences. You can check the convention schedule. You can check calendar here.


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