The Best Blackjack Players Know This

cards-1437776_960_720Are you one of the best blackjack players? If not, you can be. Read on.

If you play blackjack, hopefully you learned how to play “basic blackjack strategy” or BBS as it is called. If you are a serious player than it is imperative that you learn BBS to bring the house edge down as low as possible. A BBS chart for 4-8 decks is pictured below. These are perfectly legal and you can use them at the table if you need to, but don’t slow up the game.

If you play perfect BBS you should bring the house edge down to about one percent making it the best game in the house. If you also master card counting, you may even get the edge over the house. Watch the movie “21” to see how this works. It’s a great movie, filmed in part at Planet Hollywood.

FinalBBSchartWe have to remember that even if the house edge is reduced to a minimum, you can still lose, lose long, and lose much. In the short run there are no guarantees. I’ve played games where I have lost eight hands in a row and I’ve won eight hands, or more in a row. It can happen. But, over the long haul, the odds will even out and the house will win. This is why a budget and win limit is important. Greed will bleed your wallet down.

Now that we have discussed BBS, let’s talk a little about ABBS or “advanced basic blackjack strategy.” I’ll give you a few pointers here, but if you want to be as good as possible, I recommend buying the book by Fred Renzey titled, Blackjack Bluebook II. You can purchase it here.

Here is one techniques in ABBS that will get you stares and maybe groans from other players who think they know it all. If you get a 6 against a 10, the proper move is to hit unless surrender is offered. The ABBS variation is that if you receive 3 cards that add up 16, then stand. The math changes just enough to make standing the best strategy. In Renzey’s book he demonstrate his points with the math and visuals.

Another point to know is that the way you should play a particular hand may vary according to what the rules are. For example, if the dealer must hit soft 17 vs. standing on 17, certain plays would change. To get real technical, some plays are different when playing one deck, vs. 4, 6, or 8 decks. To be really good at blackjack, it does take time to master it, but it is worth it if you are going to gamble serious money.

There are some free blackjack trainers online. If you are a blackjack newbie, then practice on line all you want until you feel confident enough to put down your money.




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