The Infamous Black Book You Should Avoid!


We’ve all heard about the “Black Book.” No, not the one that guys keep that catalogs all their girlfriends. This Black Book contains the names of those who have been permanently banned from Nevada casinos. Oh, and by the way, the black book, is now really the gray book. Names are kept in a gray binder. But, the results are still the same to those listed within this book.

Those who know Vegas history know that the mob played a big part in its earlier years and up through the 60s at least. During those years, the city drew FBI attention due to the well known mob infestation of Nevada casinos.

There were few casinos not controlled or heavily influenced by the mob. The state did not want to incur more federal regulations or oversight so they created the black book that would list the unsavory characters who haunted the casino world and ban them.

If some one was in the Black Book and subsequently entered a casino, they could serve up to a year in jail. With today’s face recognition, it would be foolish to try it.

Our advice is simple: Stay out of the Black Book. Once in, it is extremely hard to get back out.

Some who are currently in the book are:

  1. Jerry Dale Crider-Convicted Slot Cheat
  2. John Joseph Conti-Reputed Mob Associate
  3. Peter Joseph “P.J.” Ribaste-Reputed Mob Associate
  4. Timothy Childs-Slot Cheater
  5. Peter Jay Lenz-Convicted Bookmaker

Some who were in the book:

  1. Anthony Joseph Spilatro
  2. Robert L. Garcia
  3. Albert Carbo
  4. Michael Coppola
  5. Carl Civella
For a more complete list of current and past Black Book members look here. You can also learn more details about the Black Book.



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