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Take A Trip Back To The Time Of Kings, Knights, And An Evil Fire Wizard

shutterstock_246130534One of the great lures of the Strip is the amazing and varied entertainment venues. The shows range from the many Cirque du Soleil offerings, to magic shows, Broadway shows, and more. Vegas does have the world’s best entertainment.

One unique offering can be found at the south end of the Strip in the lower bowels of Excalibur. The show is Tournament of Kings. It features 30 actors, 20 horses, and ample space for 900 spectators. It’s loud, visual, and lots of fun.

Those who attend are treated to a medieval experience of feasting, ¬†jousting, kings, and the appearance of an evil wizard named Mordred. The setting is none other than King Arthur’s Court.

The story is fairly simple. King Arthur has planned a welcome home celebration and banquet for his son Christopher. During the celebration there are jousting contests, food, and festivities. The joy of the event is shattered by the appearance of Mordred.¬† Who will win this battle? I won’t spoil for you.

What makes this show fun is that the dinner is served medieval style. This means no silverware and only your hands to get the food to your mouth. Maybe a little messy but what the heck. It’s fun.

This is not a passive event either. The audience will interact with cheering, singing, laughing, and other demonstrations of emotion as they watch the story unfold.

The Tournament of Kings is definitely different and fun for the family.



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