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Ski Or Snowboard On Your Vegas Trip

shutterstock_127060733There is at least 4-6 weeks left in the ski season in Nevada, at least in southern Nevada. There are so many unique and various things to do within just an hour or two of the Strip. One  such option is Mt. Charleston. Here the ski season begins in November and runs into April so there is still plenty of time to take advantage.

Another option is to spend the night at the Mt. Charleston resort. If you do, you can get a package deal, save money, and lock in your budget. There is a savings promotion right now for up to 30%. It will be considerably colder up on the mountain than down in the valley so be prepared to wrap up.

Their website says:

A stay at The Resort on Mount Charleston in Las Vegas is a special occasion itself, but with our package deals and special rates, it just gets better. In the summer, we put together hotel packages that feature our comfortable lodging accommodations. In the winter, you can combine your love for skiing and snowboarding with a stay at our resort, and save on the entire package. We also frequently offer a Locals Only rate during the week, romance packages, and even group room discounts.

All the info you need right here.


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