Places You Dare Not Go In Las Vegas


Some places in Vegas should be avoided. Know where they are!

There are some places visitors to Las Vegas should not go. They are not safe.

Avoid these areas in Las Vegas and prevent possible danger or violence. You may know where to go in Las Vegas, but do you know the places not to go? The goal of any trip to Las Vegas should be to have maximum fun and enjoy maximum safety. And, another important goal is to stay within one’s budget. This last goal is harder to reach with the current gouging trend that is taking place. Vegas is expensive.

What we will do today, is share some of the places and activities we recommend that you avoid. Avoid these and you should have a wonderful Vegas experience.

First, and this is a basic rule, stay on the beaten path. Don’t venture down dark side roads or anywhere north or east of the Downtown area, especially after dark. There are a lot of LA gangs in the area including the usual Crips and Bloods. Drugs are plentiful and you don’t want to get around anyplace where drug deals are taking place. A lot of North Las Vegas, especially on the eastern part of Lake Mead Boulevard can be dangerous for tourists. If you want to check out a lot of specific locations to avoid, written by Las Vegas residents, check this out.

The fact is, that even on the beaten path, where the throngs of people walk and congregate, there lurks some dangers. On the Strip, tourists who are unaware, hypnotized by all the lights and activity, may fall prey to a pickpocket or some clever scammer. You have to stay on the alert. If you look like a sucker, you may become one. When you walk, act like you own the street. Criminals look for those who are not aware or who do stupid things. If they think you are aware of your surroundings, you are far less likely to be targeted. People who visit and are from small towns, may not have the street smarts of city dwellers.

Vegas is fun. Vegas is great. Just be smart and avoid the dark places or anyplace where drugs are being exchanged or used. Vegas probably has some really great jails, but probably not on your list of things to see.


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