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Over Two Dozens Things To Do Downtown


Way too many people go to the Strip and never make it downtown, the real Las Vegas. I ask a lot of people the question about where they stayed and where they went in Vegas and the majority never left the Strip. The Strip is great but there is a lot to do downtown, unique things.

One thing you can do downtown, that I always enjoyed in the past, is the Sigma Derby Slot. This is a large horse race with mechanical horses laid out on a flat rectangular table (See video below). This is a classic game where eight people can play at the same time. It’s a group experience game and it usually draws a bunch of spectators. I used to play this at Ballys back in the early 90s. That was the last time I saw one.

In the front of Binions and the Four Queens you can try your luck on a free oversized slot machine. You may win some cash or other perks. Be careful though there are other free spins machines around but they may be a gimmick to lure you to yet another “time share” experience. Always have to be on your guard in Vegas.

If you like Las Vegas history like I do, check out the very first air conditioned building and movie theater. It is located just across the street from the D.

There is so much more to see including the laser show Vegas Vic, Binion’s million dollar display, Slotzilla zip line, and the world’s largest functioning water hydrant.

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Take a look at the Sigma Derby Slot


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