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One Of The Best Day Trips Ever And It’s Free

shutterstock_1422229We have shared quite a few great day trips over the last three months. Most of them are within an hour or two of Las Vegas. This day trip, a daylong tour, is one that will take you for a 250 mile ride covering 1375 square miles  in the comfort of an air conditioned bus. And, it will cost you nothing.

Regardless of your age, you probably have seen either in movies, documentaries, or in photos the Nevada Testing Grounds, where atomic bombs were exploded during the cold war. You can now visit these very spots including the Sudan Crater where underground tests were conducted. You can watch one of these test Here

In this other video you will see some buildings destroyed from an atomic blast. The remnants of these buildings are still there. Take a look Here

On your tour, you will see various facilities and videos during the day and even visit a radioactive waste disposal site. And, before they let you out, a man in a white radioactive protective suit, will check your bus with a Geiger counter.  I remember thinking, I hope he doesn’t find anything. I don’t want to stay here.

The tour starts and ends at the Atomic Testing Museum located at 755 East Flamingo at Swenson. These tours book up months in advance so make your plans now. For more information call 702-794-5151.



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