On The Strip-They Said What?

shutterstock_70267426Who would deny that the Strip is absolutely the best people watching place in the world? Here you can see almost anything, things both legal and illegal, both moral and immoral. As you walk, you will see the funny, the weird, and the tragic. It’s all here, like it or not. What can you say? It’s Vegas!

A friend of ours, Scott Haskin, has brought a new perspective on walking the Strip. He has published a new book, What Happened in Vegas, that details actual conversations he has heard while on the Strip. I think this is a first. I’ve never seen a book specifically cataloging these Strip sayings.

In his introduction Scott says, “For those of you that have never experienced the Strip, I would point out that it can be loud at times.  There are plenty of street performers.  Some are drummers playing on buckets, some small bands, some just soloists. There are also people that dress as iconic characters so you’ll buy a picture or two with them.  Noise seems to come from just about everywhere and it is actually not easy to find a spot where there is anything close to silence.  On top of that, you have lights flashing everywhere. Some of these quotes may seem too outrageous to be real but I assure you, you mix enough

alcohol with exhaustion and add a pinch of, “Let’s get crazy because this is our one time coming here,” and you’ve got a recipe for lost inhibitions.  Couple that with the environment listed above and you know you’re going to have some very unique experiences.”

I will share some of these notable conversations with you. When you have lots of people walking the Strip propelled by too much alcohol or other drugs, there is not much that can’t be seen or heard. So, let’s enjoy some of these random sayings from Scott’s book now.

If you like what you read, go to Amazon and order his book What Happened in Vegas here.

“People don’t realize that when you punch them in the face, you probably aren’t mad at them. You’re mad at all the people you didn’t punch in the face.”

Girl 1: “He is never going to be good enough for her.” Girl 2: “Who, Steve?” Girl 1: “Yes, Steve!  Who do you think I’m talking about?” Girl 2: “I don’t know.  He seems pretty nice to me.” Girl 1: “No he’s not.  He’s a lying, cheating whore!” Girl 2: “Oh.  Well, that’s true.”

“Oh, you know they are the kind of people that will kidnap you and take your kidneys.”

Man: “I don’t know, man.  Nobody else I know has this problem all the time.” Woman: “Well, how many people do you know that spend half their life in jail?” Man: “Yeah, that’s true.”

“No, honey.  Smaller diamonds are worth more because they are hard to cut.”

“So, like I go to work all day, right?  And I’m like why am I going to go to work all day tomorrow if I went to work all day today?  What’s the point in that?”

Hope you enjoyed the brief review. Again, there is no place on earth like the Strip. It’s like leaving the planet for a while. Maybe we do?


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