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Going To Las Vegas For First time? You Need This

shutterstock_168666941When someone goes to Las Vegas for the first time, making choices of what to do and where to stay can be overwhelming. There’s just so much stuff to do.

It’s pretty easy for a first timer, with limited time, to literally wear themselves out. Did you know that it is not uncommon for a visitor to go so fast and so long that they will fall asleep, deep sleep, at a traffic light or somewhere else. They often wake up to a man with a badge.

There is actually a name for this condition that I can’t recall, but it is a Las Vegas phenomenon. I definitely know the feeling of burning out in Vegas, however, at this point, I’ve never fallen asleep anywhere, but in my bed. So far, so good. But, I digress.

Let’s talk about that first trip to Las Vegas. How do you decide what to do? Well, there are many resources. We write about many of these right here on allthingsvegas.com. Take a look through our previous articles for our recommendations.


First of all, we recommend spending your first stay on the Strip where the action is. Depending on your budget, try to stay around the center area at or as close to Caesars Palace, Paris, or Bellagio as possible. If you can’t afford these 4-5 star properties, try Harrahs, Flamingo, or Ballys. These are in the same area, are clean,, and are usually much less money. Don’t forget though that Strip hotels charge a “resort fee” that can be $25 or more per day. Both ends of the Strip have good hotels at great rates t, hotels like the Stratosphere on the north and Luxor on the south.

There is a good resource for first timers with a current calendar of events.

First timers look here.

Whatever you do, have fun, be safe, and enjoy this great city.


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