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Living In Las Vegas Really Sucks?

shutterstock_144829273We all love to go to Las Vegas, but is it a great place to live? Is living there really that great or does it suck? According to some who have lived there, or do live there, it’s not the best place to settle. There are some positives, for sure, but we can’t forget the negative side. There are two sides to the coin.  Let’s talk about some of the negative aspects.

One former resident said that Las Vegas doesn’t have the necessary things to sustain life, like water, energy sources, and nutritious soil. He may have a point. He also complained that the people who come there are too often losers. It’s hard to find good people and make the right kind of friends. Of course, this is subjective. You may feel the opposite.

Las Vegas doesn’t have great opportunities for good employment. There isn’t the diversity of industry and business that you would find in New York, Atlanta, Boston, or San Francisco. This poses a problem for those who don’t have a specific marketable skill. They will be limited in what they can do and how much money they can earn.

Another negative, and even visitors will know this, is getting around the area. Nothing is close and distances are deceiving. The blocks are long and Las Vegas has the longest traffic light cycles in the country. When you hit a red light, you have time to read a book, or so it seems. Traffic is horrible and getting worse all the time. If the NFL does come to Vegas, traffic will deteriorate even more.

In fairness, we know that we could write another article from someone else’s perspective who thinks Las Vegas is paradise. One person likes blonds and others like red heads and brunettes. What one person loves another hates. This is true about almost everything.

Read what this one disenchanted Vegas resident wrote and see if you agree with him or is he just angry and overly critical? His blog is here. He breaks it down into five parts.  Maybe you can decide if living in Las Vegas is for you.




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