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Like Beer? How About 50 Unique Brews? Check This Out!

shutterstock_228303349When it comes to beer, there are hundreds of recipes. Those of us who have brewed their own beer know the many variations that can be cooked up. Home brew is the best if you have time to make it.

In my case, I know the wife was not pleased with the “hoppy” aroma that wafted throughout the house, but in the end she actually helped cook it and bottle it. My friends were glad to drink it all up.

In Vegas, microbreweries are all over. There is one that some may know from previous visits. It was called the Brew Pub, but has been renovated and renamed The Pub. It will bring to its fans, music, sports viewing, and 50 distinctive varieties of ales, lagers, and stouts.

The Pub is located in the heart of the Monte Carlo just south of City Center and next to New York, New York.

If you are a beer lover, here is a new place to try. Just don’t try to drink all 50 beers in one sitting.

Get your beer here.



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