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Let The Howls, Screeches, and Screams Begin!

shutterstock_98288552shutterstock_176788607There is an abundance of visual stimulation in Las Vegas. Flashing lights, unique architecture, street actors, or an erupting volcano, keep our eyes constantly on the move. These attractions or distractions can cause one to overlook other compelling things to do and places to visit.

There is a place, one in plain sight, that often gets overlooked. It is a destination where the entire family can enjoy safe fun, plus all the thrills they can stand.

Do you love a powerful adrenaline rush? Do you like to get your heartbeat up and scream out loud? If so, we know of a place you must visit.

On the north end of the Strip, just south of Sahara Avenue, stands one of Vegas’ oldest casinos, Circus Circus. Part of this vintage property is Adventuredome. Adventuredome offers thrills for all ages.

If want to overdose on fun, jack your heart rate up to near fatal levels, then make time to visit this park of excessive titillation. If you have the guts, and a reasonable amount of money, then this venue may become one of your regular haunts.

Adventuredome has a lot to offer. There are rides for almost any age. It is a family destination, which is somewhat of a rarity in Las Vegas. We have included links at the end of this article where you can read more about the specific rides, see videos, and slideshows, learn more about the park, and check out the prices.

Let’s look at what you will find on this mechanical playground. First, there are two roller coasters. One is called Canyon Blaster and the other El Loco. The Canyon Blaster appears to take a little more courage to ride after watching the videos of both rides. But, both look like true thrill rides.

For the less courageous there are what they call large rides. These include the Canyon Cars (bumper cars) and the Sand Pirates. Sand Pirates is a supersized swing in the shape of a pirate ship. You have probably seen a form of this ride at a local fair or circus.

Some rides are designed specifically for young children. Adventuredome offers the youngest riders Frog Hopper, Thunderbirds, and Miner Mike. Some rides are restricted to kids of a minimum height.

Finally, there are four rides suitable for the entire family. These include B.C. Bus, Circus Carousel, Drifters, and Road Runner.

Be sure to check out Adventuredome’s Halloween activities, like “Fright Dome”  here:  Fright Dome

If you have already visited Adventuredome, leave a comment about your experience. We would love to hear from you as would other readers.

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