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Know Where The Best Deals And Gambling Are? Follow The Locals

shutterstock_228777646If you want to find the best deals in town and some of the loosest slots follow the locals. They know exactly where they are. But, visitors to the city won’t know unless someone points the way. We want to help inform you.

The local hangouts are not usually on the Strip or Downtown. The highest rated places that locals love are miles away from the center of the activity.

So what do the locals like? What are their top choices? According to Casino Player magazine, locals voted Red Rock Casino and Resort their number one choice. This beautiful resort is to the west of Las Vegas on the edge of Red Rock Canyon Park.

Locals number two choice, and this writer’s personal favorite, is Sam’s Town located on Boulder Highway. Typically, these places have looser slots, better table games, and some good eating.

Some of the other local hangouts are the two Arizona Charlies (One is located on Decatur west of the Strip and one on Boulder Highway east of the Strip), and South Point Hotel and Casino is another favorite, about four miles south of McCarran Airport. There are more, but these are some of the top favorites. Check them out on your next visit to Las Vegas.


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