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It’s Just 25 Miles Southeast Of Las Vegas-A Famous Hollywood Actress Grew Up There


If someone says they have been to Las Vegas, the question will usually come up, “Did you visit Hoover Dam.” And, many people do since it is less than an hour’s drive from Las Vegas. But, there is a place on the way to Hoover Dam that isn’t usually on the top of a visitor’s list of things to do. People just pass through.

Boulder City, is unusual in several ways. First, gambling is not allowed there. Bicycling is a top priority in this little city. There are over 93,000 bikes which is close to the city’s population. When it snows the Boulder Creek bicycle path is plowed before the streets.

There are things to see while in Boulder City. There is the  Chautauqua Auditorium and The Sink. Before his fame, Robert Redford was a janitor there. Also, part of the film “Sleeper,” Woody Allen’s hit movie was filmed at National Center for Atmospheric Research.

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Here are a lot of fun facts and trivia about Boulder City. Bet you don’t know these.  You will find out which beautiful Hollywood actress grew up there.


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