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Incredible! Blistering Heat-Flash Floods-And People Love To Go There?

shutterstock_89863567Since we launched this site in September we have reported on many great side trips from Las Vegas. There is the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston, Valley of Fire, and other places to visit. Most of these are within one hour of the Strip, with the exception of the Grand Canyon. However, You can get to the western rim of the Grand Canyon in about three hours and the south rim in five. Either stop is worth the trip.

Today, we want to share about a peculiar place that seems like it would be somewhere to avoid rather than visit. It has temperatures up to 120 degrees. Once it even reached 134. And, you could get washed away by a flash flood while visiting there.. Sounds like a fun place, huh?

We are describing Death Valley. This unusual attraction brings a million visitors a year. It is just over the California line, 150 miles from Vegas, just about a two-hour drive.

What attracts all these folks to this steaming hot valley? For starters it is the largest national park in the U.S., excepting Alaska. Like in many movies, you will see countless sand dunes, wildflowers, and dark cinder cones that can stretch up hundreds of feet into the air. There is also a great sprinkling of Joshua trees around the valley. It is just a wonderful mix of sights not seen other places. This is what fascinates people and why they keep coming.

It’s cooler in the early fall and springtime and you have less chance of rain. You can book a hotel in Death Valley if you don’t want to rough it.

Most people would assume that this place is called Death Valley because a lot of people died there. Not true. The name came about due to a group of pioneers who thought they would die there. However, according to the National Park Service, only one person did as far as can be confirmed.

If you are interested in the story that gave this place its name read this about the “The Lost 49ers.” Here

Everything you need to know can be found Here

Here are Death Valley FAQs



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