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In Las Vegas Getting Around Can Be A Challenge-Read This And Save

shutterstock_226658131Las Vegas is not really a hard place to navigate. Someone with a decent sense of direction can get oriented fairly quickly. The challenge is how to get from place to place.

Most people will spend their time on the Strip, but walking it is a mini-marathon. From Mandalay Bay on the south side to the Stratosphere on the north is a four-mile stretch. Most folks don’t want to walk that far. So, what are the options?

First there are the cabs, but they are fairly pricey. As soon as you get in the cab there is a meter fee of $3.50. Then, you will be charged $2.88 per mile. In addition, there can be other fees such as a $2.00 extra fee for being picked up at the airport. So make sure you understand the rates before you get a cab. If you don’t know Las Vegas, you might get long-hauled and rack up more charges. And, many cabs won’t take a credit card so ask before you ride.

Next, there is bus service up and down the Strip. This can be a slow and crowded experience, but it will get you from one end to the other. Trip Advisor has details about the Deuce Bus service. You can buy 2-hour, 24-hour, or 3-day passes and you can use your pass on the city buses too. Prices range from $6-$20.

Another option is Uber. It is now growing in popularity so get the app for your phone, or click the link below, and see if Uber is a good alternative for you. Uber drivers are people, like you and me, who use their own cars to transport customers. They are far cheaper than the cabs. Their base fee is only $2.00 and then $1.10 per mile. Check out the details Here

Then, there is the monorail. It has a long route along the east side of the strip. It runs from MGM at Tropicana all the way north to SLS at Sahara. There are charges for this service. A single ride is $5.00. A 24-hour pass is $12.00 and longer passes are more.

There are also other short run trams between certain casinos such as the ones that service Excalibur, Luxor, and Mandalay Bay. These are free.

See the exact Monorail route Here

If all else fails, run, walk, or stay where you are. There is fun every inch of the Strip.


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