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If You Won’t Jump Out Of An Airplane, Maybe You Would Try This…

shutterstock_345479963There are some true thrill activities you can do while in Las Vegas. You can go to the Stratosphere and try the Skyjump. It’s just a quick free fall of 829 feet. No big deal, right? And, by the way, this holds the Guinness World Record for highest commercial decelerator descent. Gather up your nerve, $120, and jump. Then, you have some real bragging rights.

Then, there are the many roller coasters and other thrill rides up and down the strip. There is something for all ages and courage levels.

There is one other thrill that might appeal to those who would really love to skydive, but just don’t have the nerve. On the Las Vegas Strip you can skydive indoors. Once you try this, you may just decide that doing the real thing would not be that bad.

On a personal note, I am afraid of heights, however I did skydive and had no fear. For some reason it isn’t the same thing as hanging in a tree or looking over the side of a tall building. In fact, once you leave the aircraft, you have no sense of falling, at least until you get down when it is time to pull the rip cord.

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