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If You Love Italian Food This Is A Must

shutterstock_283068254Vegas lovers who have been around the area more than a few times may have heard the name Marc Sgrizzi. Marc is a chef who through his years in the Vegas area has honed his skills in the art of creating some excellent Italian Food.

Sgrizzi’s new restaurant, Marc’s Trattoria, is located on West Sahara, and offers Marc’s best Italian creations at prices most can afford. His years of cooking and learning the trade is paying off in a big way. Marc is a driven and determined entrepreneur who has earned a well earned reputation.

The Trattoria is a warm and comfortable place to eat, away from the high speed Strip area. The menu is diverse and has, as one would expect, all those favorite Italian dishes.

For example, he has a no-breadcrumbs eggplant parmesan for $16.00. There is the Tuscan-style gnocchi Bolognese for $18.00. And, there is his version of spicy chicken riggies with pancetta, melted mozzarella and cherry peppers at a moderate price tag of $18.00. The one that I want to try is the $12.00 appetizer of portabella and spinach baked in cream and cheese.

The Las Vegas Weekly has a story about this amazing chef. The story says, “..If you’ve followed his previous endeavors, it’ll only take one meal here for you to realize this is a chef honing in on what he does well. That’s not to say there’s an absence of that ambition, but clearly Sgrizzi has come to understand his strengths, along with what regular, returning diners expect from Chef Marc. And he delivers, again, as usual.”

Get the full story and more menu items here.



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