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If You Like Zombies-If You Like Burlesque-This May Be For You

shutterstock_304556378Vegas is known for a lot of things including burlesque, but not usually zombies. Although zombies nowadays are far more popular than the politicians that run the country.

Well, there is a new show in town for a limited time. So, if you do like burlesque and you like zombies and you like to laugh a lot there is a show that is created just for you. It’s called Zombie Burlesque. The official website describes the show this way;

From the minds that brought you VEGAS! the Show, comes the most hilarious “undead” comedy romp ever to take the stage in Las Vegas. Zombie Burlesque will take audiences on a wild ride to the fictional “Club Z” (located at V Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino) where the undead have opened their doors to the living for a limited time only.

If you want to learn more about this one-of-a-kind undead comedy click here.




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