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If You Gamble You Have To Go Here-Take A Peek

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shutterstock_300923963Vegas is all about gambling. So, if you are one who gambles, there is one special place, just off the beaten path, that is all about gambling. It’s a place that you must visit. 

Just a few blocks South of Fremont Street, at the corner of 800 South Main and Gass Avenue, stands a colorful building. But, it’s not just any building. It’s a bookstore. It’s a book club. It is the Gamblers General Store. It is the world’s largest gambling superstore. It is truly the one-stop-shop for gamblers. 

Inside, you will find a trainload of books on just about any form of gambling you can imagine. You can also buy dice, chips, cards, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, art, and games. There will be 15,000 products for you to look at and buy if you like. 

How about home gambling tables? They have these too. It’s a fascinating tour through a gambler’s paradise. You could spend a day here. You can gather up the resources you need to make your gambling dollar more effective.

In the past, many of gambling’s greats have passed through the doors of this historic place. I’ve visited this superstore several times, but probably don’t count among the greats, at least not yet. 

There’s more to the store’s charm too. They manufacture custom chips. They make them for casinos. They can make them for you. They have made them for television programs and movies like Ocean’s 11, The Sapranos, Casino, and Rush Hour 2.    

Take a tour here, learn more, check out their inventory, and then visit Gamblers General Store on your next trip:

Look Here




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