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Guess Where They Put The Berlin Wall?


There are replicas of famous and historic places in Las Vegas. There are the Eiffel Tower at the Paris and the canals of Venice at the Venetian to name two.

But, there is one place where you can find the real deal. And, it’s hidden away in a men’s bathroom downtown.

November 9, 1989 was a red letter day in world history. The Berlin Wall came down first by decree and then physically bit by bit as people hauled it away in pieces. This was a concrete sign that the Cold War would soon be over.

The leader of the East German Communist Party announced that citizens of the German Democratic Party could go over to the West side of Germany whenever they wanted. East and West Germany were now open to all Germans. This was the reason the Wall came down.

This announcement drew crowds out to the wall with whatever they needed to begin tearing the Wall down chip by chip. Over the course of a few years every pebble had disappeared.

Today, various portions of the Wall are on display in different parts of the world including Buenos Aires, Madrid, and Los Angeles. One very unlikely place to catch a glimpse of this famous Wall is in Las Vegas.

Portions of the Wall surround the urinals in the men’s bathroom in the Main Street Station Hotel & Casino located in downtown Las Vegas. There are also photographs of the Wall as it stood in Berlin during the Cold War.


Ladies, don’t worry. You, too, can visit the Wall. Just find a security guard or women’s bathroom attendant and ask to visit the men’s restroom. Chances are good that they will accommodate you. A tip might help.

Who says Vegas doesn’t have culture?



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