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shutterstock_37894243Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there are a lot of RVs on the road. Las Vegas and surrounding areas are full of them. You may not see them on the Strip or downtown  so much, but they are all around.

RVing to Vegas is something to consider now that there are such high resort fees and now parking fees at a lot of the properties.

If you are a RV owner or enthusiast, do you know where to park and set up camp when you arrive in Las Vegas? We will try and help you simplify the process. Like with anything, some places are better than other and the prices will vary so your budget may help you decide.

There is a wide selection of locations too, from the close into town to fairly far out. The scenery itself may be a draw for you.

You may, or may not, have looked into renting an RV for your trip. This is another option if you don’t own an RV. Here are some possible places to check here or here. There are some right on the Strip such as the one at Circus Circus.

You can go here and check on the prices and ratings on dozens of RV parks.

One important thing to remember: Make sure your RV park has a shuttle to the Strip. If not, you will have to factor in your budget cab or Uber fees.



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