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Finding Those $5 Blackjack Tables

If you are like millions of others, you love blackjack. But, you may not have the bankroll to afford those $15, $25, or $100 minimum tables. So, where are those $5 tables or maybe even a $3 table?

First of all, you will rarely find a $5 table on the Strip. They did have some low limit tables at Riviera, but it is now closed. Some have reported some at New York, New York and you can find some at Stratosphere.

Usually, you are lucky to find even a $10 table on the Strip. If you do find a $5 table on the Strip, check the rules. Remember rules can affect the house edge tremendously. You can check here to learn more about the effect of rules on the house edge. Some rules are so bad for the player that you may be better off just writing them a check. LOL.

The best places to go is downtown Fremont Street, North Las Vegas, or Boulder Highway. In these locations you will find those cheap tables and more favorable rules for the player. These locations are also better for slot players.

Downtown, we suggest Binions, Golden Gate, and El Cortez. On Boulder Highway, there is Samstown, Boulder Station, and Arizona Charlies. In North Las Vegas try Texas Station and Fiesta.

One other place that I really enjoy personally is Railroad Pass that is about halfway to Hoover Dam on Highway 93. They have $3 blackjack and sometimes $1 roulette. They also have a great strawberry shortcake for $1.


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