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Eat Here. Drink Here. Maybe Die Here!

shutterstock_210811072Life is a risk. Danger lurks where we least expect it. Las Vegas city presents us with countless opportunities to have fun. It also supplies creative ways to get into trouble, get hurt, or even die. The Chamber of Commerce tries to keep the death rate as low as possible though. It’s bad for business.

On the more lethal side of things there is one business that has been known to be deadly. And yet, people take their chances there every day. Vegas is where people go to gamble, right?

IMG_0846Our spotlight shines today on the “Heart Attack Grill.” This unusual and notorious grill is located on the east side of the Fremont Street Experience near the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Wonder how this eatery got its name? You probably guessed it. A man actually died at Heart Attack Grill, of  a heart attack.

The owner, John Basso, is totally honest when he warns people about his food. He admits it is really bad for you and may actually kill you.

How is your diet going? One visit to the Heart Attack Grill can destroy it for a week or more. How about a Quadruple Bypass Burger or A Flatliner Burger with fries. The restaurant actually holds a Guinness World Record for its High Calorie Burger. This gigantic delight contains 10,000 calories.

Heart Attack Grill is fun to visit. Outside the establishment there is a scale. If you weigh 350 pounds your meal is free. Inside, the waitresses are dressed in very sexy nurse uniforms and there is a hospital motif.

The next time you visit the Fremont Street area, be sure to try the Heart Attack Grill. We hope you survive it and, oh yeah, they only take cash. The want to be sure that they get paid just in case you don’t make it.

Heart Attack Grill’s website is unreal, the best we’ve seen. You have to take a look: Heart Attack Grill’s Website-Awesome!

Enjoy this short YouTube video to get the feel of this whacky place to pig out: Heart Attack Grill YouTube









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