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Don’t Miss This. Look What “Vegas” Offers For Christmas!

shutterstock_157389185The Holidays are just about upon us, just two weeks away today before the official Thanksgiving kickoff. In fact, even now, we are seeing Santa hats worn by employees of certain stores and Christmas trees for sale. So, “Fa la la la la la la la la!

If you aren’t within driving distance to Las Vegas, and plan to fly there over the Holidays, you should start planning your trip now. To save the maximum amount on a good Vegas package the early birds can get the proverbial worm.

The Holidays are a wonderful time to visit Las Vegas. The weather is cooler, the prices are down, and there are a lot of Holiday things to do. In just a moment, we will recommend one of our favorites things to do.

For many years in the past I have gone to Vegas for Christmas. It may ring somewhat strange, but Vegas, “Sin City” celebrates Christmas, the birth of Christ, more than most large cities. Somewhat of a paradox, for sure. This may be partly due to the large amount of churches in Las Vegas.

During the holidays there are usually great Christmas shows and festive lights to turn up the wattage even more, if that’s possible. The Christmas tree at the Venetian and Caesars are awesome and the lights around town are always stunning. You probably won’t see any snow, but you can catch the spirit of the Season.

We have a special place we love to visit over the holidays and we would like to recommend it to you. It is the Ethyl M Chocolate Factory. It is a 15-20 minute ride by car from the Strip. Just head east on Sunset Road, the street that runs the southern border of the airport. When Sunset turns right at the intersection of Mountain Vista Street, about 3-4 miles, go straight. Ethyl M is one block on the left.

Why do we love this place? It’s not just the chocolate that is incredible, it’s a Christmas display like no other. You will be able to walk through a one acre park of Cactus draped in Christmas lights. If you bring the kids, they will certainly enjoy this light spectacular and the various displays. This botanical cactus garden is one of the largest collections of cacti in the world.

While there you can walk through the chocolate factory, get a free sample of chocolate, and shop in their gift store. Warning! The chocolate is very pricey, but very good. I have to confess that often I’ve walked through more than once to get the free chocolate.

Typically, the cactus light display will be open Thanksgiving through New Year’s. We encourage you to put this unique stop in your “to do” list on your next trip. See Cactus Garden Here


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