Do You Have Casino Rewards Cards? One Popular One Just Made Big Changes

shutterstock_86767006If you are a regular gambler, then you should stock up on all the rewards cards from the various places where you place your bets. Those rewards do add up over time. However, don’t think you can gamble a $100, $200, or ever $500 and believe that you are going to get comped a room or a free ticket to Blue Man Group.

I played slots and blackjack for hours a day at Samtown on Boulder Highway. Now, I am not a high roller. I played penny slots and $5 blackjack. After a four night stay, I, with great anticipation, went to the rewards desk to see what I could cash in on before I returned home. Would it be a free night on my next stay? A free steak dinner? Or, maybe, some cash? I was seriously stunned. I had exactly enough points to buy one of my usual drinks, a Diet Coke. But, if you come often enough you will get some benefits like lower room rates. That is a plus, at least at Samstown.

One of the more popular cards is MGM’s “M Life Rewards Card.” These new changes are pretty extensive and may not bring a smile to all “M Life” Reward’s members. These changes are also fairly extensive and across the board. I’m not smiling. You can read about them in this article.


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