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Can You Spend $5000 For A Burger Meal In Vegas? Yes You Can!

shutterstock_149755805I don’t know about you, but when I look at a menu and the cost for an entree is $25 or more, I usually retreat to Zaxby’s or Subway. If I were to open a menu that had an entre at $5,000, I would probably make a new door getting out of the place.

There is one place though that does have a $5,000 entre. Believe it or not, people do stay here, eat here, and pay that kind of green. So, where are we talking?

It’s Fleur located at Mandalay Bay. Now the question is, what do you actually get for your money? And, how many of your paychecks would it take to cover this one meal?

This $5,000 Fleur special includes a wagyu beef burger. Wagyu beef, by the way, comes from a breed of Japanese cattle. It usually contains a high portion of unsaturated fat and is very tender. This is good. But wait! There’s more. With the burger comes truffle and a bottle of Chateau Petrus wine that can cost as much as $4000 by itself. That’s only about $75 a sip?

If you are balking at the Fleur price, there are other eating establishments in Vegas that can run $300-$400 per person. These include such places such as Joel Robuchon Restaurant located at the MGM and Guy Savoy in Caesars.

If you are still holding on to your wallet, there are plenty of excellent places where you can eat well and still keep it down to $25 per person or less. Or, you can join me at Subway or Zaxby’s.

The Las Vegas Review Journal has an excellent article on these and other places to eat:


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