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Bring Those Hidden Treasures In Your Attic To Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

shutterstock_179049566There are several reality shows such as the Antique Roadshow and Las Vegas’ Pawn Stars that capture people’s attention. These programs make us think: “Is there a treasure in my attic or basement? Did grandma or grandpa leave me something that I thought was junk that may be worth a fortune? Might be.

I can think of many things that were common in my childhood that now are worth tens of thousands of dollars. How about a Mickey Mantle rookie card or Superman #1? Even some of the toys I had then are worth what my car is worth today. And, some things we were sure would be worth something, aren’t.

Pawn Stars has been aired for years and is a very popular stop for Las Vegas visitors. The store is located just north of the Stratosphere Tower at 713 South Las Vegas Boulevard.

My wife, friends, and I visited the store twice on a trip to Las Vegas last December. The following is my impression.

Pawn Stars is actually filmed at the “Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.” It, in reality, isn’t much different than many upscale pawn shops you will find in other cities and it’s not that big. They certainly do have some unique items as you will see on the program.

My opinion is that the main draw to the store is the notoriety of the program. Prices are, in my opinion, on many items pricey. You can probably find what you want elsewhere cheaper. However, some items are so rare you might want to grab it while you can if you have enough money.

You may or may not see any of the stars when you visit, but there is ample staff to help you. The main people you will see on the program are Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison and Chumlee Russell.

If you decide to visit the store, go early in the morning. If you wait til later in the day to go you may see a long line. When lines are long, they will only let in so many people at a time to avoid crowding. If they are filming a program you may have a very long wait too. We suggest calling the store before you visit to keep your wait to a minimum. We had no wait when we went in early morning.

The program airs on the History Channel. You can watch the 23-minute episodes on the History Channel’s website:

The Gold and Silver Pawn Shops website is here:


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